Technology and End-Use Efficiency

Technology is a major driver of true innovation. ONE Gas continues to invest in the development and adoption of innovative technology that improves operational and end-use efficiencies, and allows us to continue to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective service in a lowcarbon future.

We work closely with our customers to encourage end-use conservation through education campaigns and customer programs. Since 2015, we have provided more than 600,000 rebates, totaling $81 million. While our programs and initiatives vary by state, they include:

  • › Energy Efficiency Education Program
  • › Low-Income Energy Efficiency Assistance Program
  • › Home Improvement and Appliance Replacement Program
  • › New Home Program
  • › Commercial Direct Install Program
  • › Natural Gas Vehicle Rebate Program
  • › Water Conservation Program

These programs have broad support from customers, contractors, builders, and regulators, and have garnered national acclaim. In 2019, Oklahoma Natural Gas’ Low-Income Energy Efficiency Assistance Program was once again recognized by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy for its highly cost-effective impact. Since 2015, our programs have provided more than $2.7 million in rebates for affordable housing properties and 877 natural gas appliances replaced for free for low-income families.