A Message From Our President and CEO

We know who we are

At ONE Gas, our vision is to be a premier natural gas distribution company, creating exceptional value for our stakeholders – our employees, customers, investors and the communities we serve. Our mission is to deliver natural gas for a better tomorrow.

We understand that operating a sustainable business is an essential component of creating a better tomorrow.

We know what we believe

Our core values – safety, ethics, inclusion and diversity, service and value – are the foundation for all that we do and guide our sustainability strategy. We are committed to safety because we value people. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and have a responsibility to do the right thing. We focus on inclusion and diversity because we believe that every employee makes a difference and contributes to our success. We believe that we share responsibility to protect our environment. We are committed to providing exceptional service and value, because our customers and communities rely on us to provide, safe, reliable, affordable, efficient energy to support their lives and businesses.

Pierce H. Norton II
Pierce H. Norton II President and CEO
ONE Gas, Inc.

We know our areas of focus

With our mission of a better tomorrow in mind, we are committed to four key areas of focus and continuously improving upon them:



Safety is our number one core value and the foundation of what we do as a company. In 2019, we recorded the lowest number of safety incidents in company history. We also completed our 5-year accelerated cast iron replacement program ahead of schedule.


Protecting Our Environment

Natural gas is a safe, efficient, affordable, and reliable energy source. As a leader in the natural gas industry, we have led by example when it comes to protecting our environment. Since establishing an emissions baseline in 2014, we have reduced pipeline emissions by 22.1% through 2019. We are committed to thoughtful innovation, end-use efficiency, and a proactive approach that will move us toward a low-carbon future.


Caring for Our Employees and Communities

To build a better tomorrow for everyone, we support our employees, customers and communities. Our employee engagement scores were among the top quartile of all companies in Gallup’s database. In 2019, ONE Gas contributed nearly $2 million and over 5,700 volunteer hours to non-profits in the communities we serve.



We take ownership over our work and do what is right. We are held accountable to the highest ethical standards and committed to compliance.

We are pleased to share with you highlights of our progress in 2019. It is our hope that you find confidence in all that we are doing to build a better tomorrow.

Best regards,


Pierce H. Norton II
ONE Gas President and Chief Executive Officer